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Artifical Intelligence for Development (AI4D)

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Empatia explores the use of artificial intelligence to solve pressing public challenges. ILDA and Centro Latam Digital co-lead the project with the support of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB). The project is par of the Artificial Intelligence for Development (AI4d) network and contributes to the FAIR LAC network




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The Cambá Cooperative project seeks to contribute to the deployment of open justice policies through the development of a technological tool that accompanies the

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  • Governance

    Inform and assist governments with the technical, socioeconomic and geopolitical knowledge necessary to create sound and informed AI policies.

  • Capacities

    Build capacity among policymakers, civil society organizations and researchers, with a specific focus on including and training women and minorities;

  • Impact

    Engage and support AI government projects with knowledge and evidence to achieve inclusive AI solutions to be replicated and scaled across the region.


Empatia aims to collaborate with a wide range of partners. We are grateful