Artificial Intelligence to protect the environment and well-being of the general population

Descripción del proyecto

The objective of the GobLabUAI and SMA project is to implement a tool that can predict the level of air quality and thus the occurrence of critical episodes, in order to optimize the management of the Superintendency of the Environment (SMA) and verify compliance with the goals established in the Environmental Decontamination Plan active in the area. This is based on emission data from polluting industries, air quality stations and data meteorological events in the communes of Concón, Quintero and Puchuncaví.
The SMA currently has valuable information that uses on its daily management, such as online emissions reported by sources and air quality data. The data have a minute frequency of different pollutants (PM, SO2, NOx, among others) and their flows in such a way that their mass emissions (mass / time) can be calculated. However, the institution lacks advanced modeling tools to take timely preventive measures (temporary reduction of emissions at the sources or alerts to the public) that would make it possible, if necessary, to avoid critical episodes and minimize their effects on the population.